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The best moment in tv history

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Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing. -Once Upon A Time

I’m sick of people looking down on YA novels because they’re for “silly teens”. It sucks to grow up in a place where the government does nothing for you, everything revolves around money, and people keep telling you that it’s impossible to get jobs and the economy sucks, and then when you try to find a place to forget about all that, a safe haven from the suckiness that is reality, you’re told that it’s silly and dumb. Maybe when they—and when I say they, I mean anyone who looks down on anyone for reading YA, or even books in general—Maybe when they think “Oh, another dystopian novel” they don’t realize that these stories with bleak views of the world are not so different than the way we see our own world. And when they say “Oh, another cheesy teenie-bopper love story” they don’t realize that the romance behind the story is the representation of hope that these people refuse to give us in real life. (And also—who are they to judge TFIOS as “another teenie-bopper movie”. Like, stop being a condescending judgmental jerkface. AUGUSTUS DIES, ASSHATS. Teenagers are a little bit more complex than you’d like to think.) Where else are we supposed to find other teens like ourselves who find a way to transcend their barriers? Other people see a depressing dystopian world, I see someone ordinary like me being extraordinary. So excuse me if I’d like to think I’m not stuck in a craphole. Excuse me for having an imagination. I’m not looking for Dickens prose or Spielberg cinema, I’m looking for a story that makes me happy. People can trash my books, trash my movies, call them stupid or silly or a waste of time. But at least they’re giving me hope, unlike the real world.

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On any difficult choice you will face.

"Do what you feel is right". "Follow your heart." 

Everyone keeps throwing these sayings away because they think it is the right thing to do. As a matter of fact it may just be the right thing to do. For every choice you make, at the same time you have to decide if in this life your main focus is happiness or success. Sure, one can achieve both, but one of these key words will be in abundance, while the other will stay in the shadows. I am uncertain about the person I want to be and I know that every little choice has its heavy weight on this matter. I do not think that anyone knows what they are doing with their life eather. So anytime you stand at a crossroad, have this in mind.

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